Craftjuice Tuesday – Week 16 of 2013


Craftjuice Tuesday is a great fun way to give exposure to the crafts you love.

To take part is simple and info can be found here

Basically once a week on Tuesday you pick some of your favourite things you have seen on Craftjuice and write a blog post about them.. Why? I really helps our crafter peers!!!

Anyway to the point.. As this is the craftjuice blog I’ll be picking  the most votes items over the last week.. All voted by our craftjuice members!

Stunning handmade book cover with apples

A fab handmade Wall Mirror with a Blue Mosaic surround

Super Cute Cat and carnelian sterling silver earrings

These are really fun – Glasses Case For Two Pairs of Glasses

I love the funky Kindle Touch Case Kindle Paperwhite Case


What a great selection this week… Looking forward to next weeks.. Why not take part too 🙂


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