Craftjuice hits 5,000 likes on it’s facebook page


A massive thank you to all who have liked our facebook page which has just reached the 5,000 mark.

How does this help the world of handmade and you the crafters or you the craft shopper?

Currently each week over 11,000 people on facebook see the crafts submitted to craftjuice, yes 11,000..

With 5,000 likes if all the people who liked our page liked a status update it was shown to their friends it would be seen by 1,7 million people!


If you have read the craftjuice story over here you’ll know craftjuice was set up to expose the amazing handmade works so hitting this high on facebook is great for the handmade world!


Feel free to like us if you haven’t!!


I’ll post up some amazing data from twitter and pinterest very soon!

Once again a massive Thank You!


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