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Product Description:

100% wool, needle felted pendant on black, ribbon and satin, multi-stranded, adjustable cord. quadrille hangs on a hand stitched jump ring.

This simple square motif is in punchy colors of brilliant pinks and black. There is a square within a square and linked squares within squares. The small black square is highlighted with a pink glass bead and the larger square within a square within a square is a 3 dimensional shape. Why the square motif? The square is an emblem of accuracy, integrity, rightness, of honesty and virtue, of straight-forwardness and wisdom. Well, maybe that’s square on YOU or maybe it’s just what you need to be reminded to do. Either way, the pendant is funky and functional, soft and simple, and lighter than air. It is one of those “I’ve never seen anything like it!” pieces: quadrille.

The statue featured, with permission of the artist, in the photos is the work of Denise Buckley (


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