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Product Description:

This special pair of baby slippers are made from a blend of banana yarn (hand spun from the fibres contained in the bark of the banana tree) and recycled sari silk.

Often described as vegan silk, banana yarn has a gorgeous silky sheen and feels satisfyingly 'heavy' to touch. It comes from a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly source. This yarn is spun with sari silk in shades of pink, peach and red with occasional flecks of blue, green and black.

These slippers measure approximately 12.5cm in length, with a strong double layer sole. The outer sole is made from cotton and the inner from 100% wool.

I think these unusual slippers would be perfect for a special occasion such as a Christening or maybe for a little flower girl at a wedding.

I usually finish the soles of my slippers with a non-slip coating, however this does tend to make them slightly yellowish. I have not done this to these slippers because of this, however I will happily add it if you wish at no extra cost.


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