Angel Art Doll Heaven Preserve My Dreams Angel by Mythillogical

Shared by Mythillogical in the Polymer clay

Product Description:

Heaven Preserve My Dreams- This little angel doll is a guardian of dreams, with her hair in shades of the dark night sky, and holding a shining golden crescent moon in her hands, which is echoed in the pattern of her dress.

Each little angel in the Heaven Preserve Us range begins as a cone shaped wire armature, onto which I sculpt a head and hands, and the moon that she holds, from Fimo polymer clay. The moon is enhanced with gold and copper powders, and once baked is given a coat of Fimo Gloss varnish for extra shine, as are the eyes, lips and each individual finger nail. The gowns is made from white felt, with the individual design piped on by hand in glitter appliglue in peacock and antique gold. I use tiny pieces of merino wool to create eyebrows and eyelashes, and her hair is made with lagoon angelina fibre and plum merino wool. She has white marabou wings.


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