Biology Phrenology Bowl Vintage Anatomy by LLTownleyCeramic

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Product Description:

Biology Phrenology Bowl - Vintage Anatomy Illustration in White with Chartreuse Stripe

6.5" Diameter 1.5" Tall

Ah, the "science" of determining a person's character based on the bumps of their head...
Still, this old belief DID produce some wonderful drawings of the human head, and I've used a vintage diagram for this bowl.

This bowl is hand-thrown and painted with white underglaze with a shartreuse stripe. I've then added a custom ceramic decal to the inside, of a diagram of the human head divided into various sections as it pertains to the study of phrenology.

Great gift for a psychiatrist, teacher, student, or anyone who has an interest in the human mind and history.

Decal is fused to the piece and is permanent.
Signed on the base.


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