Black Hematite Bracelet with Turquoise and Silver by BeadsNStyle

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Product Description:

Handcrafted magnetic hematite beaded bracelet designed of black high power faceted magnetic hematite beads with a center bead of turquoise and silver.

The bracelet is secured with a sturdy magnetic clasp and is approximately 7.5" in length.

The black magnetic hematite beads are 8mm faceted round, 6mm faceted round, and 6x12 mm.

Wearing magnetic jewelry is recognized as a great way to control your aches and pains due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines. It is also beneficial for asthma, blood and the circulatory system. The magnetic power in the hematite beads is a healthy and holistic alternative to pain relief medications. The magnetic power in this jewelry will also work to stimulate sluggish organs and slow down overactive organs.

Gauss is the measurement used to determine the magnetic strength of a magnet. The magnetic beads and clasp in this bracelet measures at approximately 16,740 gauss.


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