Bohochic Felted Equine Necklace Rhythm Beads by MyBuddyBling

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Product Description:

This necklace / rhythm beads for horses is durable, strong, and washable. The colors are shades of blue, green, ruby, and purple. The necklace is made in a labor intensive process -- knitting and crocheting pure new wool yarn and then wet felting it. The tassels are finished with glass beads and pure brass bells. Flowers with gold seed bead petals, a silver-plated brass round bead, and green seed bead stems and leaves, are sewn on the sides of the necklace.

The necklace is 58 inches long, not including the knot and tassels hanging below the knot. It is soft and conforms to the shape of the horse's neck and shoulders. The brass bells make a high musical jingle as the horse moves. The sound helps the horse stay in gait, and also warns game and hunters of your presence. The necklace may be slipped over the horse's head or unknotted to take it off the horse.

This equine necklace can be washed gently with soap and cool water, is strong and durable.


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