ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER Aroma Therapy Personal by NonisEclecticShop

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Product Description:

I've started using essential oils every day and have been AMAZED at the difference it makes in my daily life. One way to use them is to diffuse them into the air so you are breathing and smelling the aroma.
I created this beautiful pendant with terra cotta clay. The front has been lightly painted which, still showing the terra cotta color, and then sealed with an acrylic sealer. The back has been left natural to receive whatever essential oil or perfume you would like to put on. Just place a drop or two on the back of the pendant. Wait for it to seep into the clay and put it on! You've got great smelling aroma therapy right around your neck AND it's beautiful and fashionable.
This piece is approx 3 inches in diameter. I added an antiqued silver ring to the top hole to provide extra stability and style.
I used a copper ring as a bail and added it to a bicolored metal necklace (bronze and copper).


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