Funky Bumpy Bright Lampwork Bead Bracelet SRA by bethsingleton

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Product Description:

I made this bright lampwork bracelet using some of my Happy Hippie beads as well as bright spacer beads strung on 1 mm leather cording.

My Happy Hippie beads are a mix of patterns and colors all on a tube shaped bead. I've used pulled stringers, encased stringers as well as twisties or twisted stringers to add dots and lines. The pattern on these beads has been left raised a little for added dimension. These beads just put a smile on your face! They are bright and have almost a Caribbean or island flair about them. The bracelet also features one of my handmade glass toggle beads for closure. The toggle was made from four different colors of glass including blue, yellow, green and a lighter sky blue.

All of my lampwork beads are handmade one at a time by me in my home studio. My beads are kiln annealed and the holes have been dremel cleaned.

I am a member of SRA. My beads are not massed produced. My SRA membership number is S-106.


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