Halloween Art Doll Mummy's Boy Egyptian Mummy by Mythillogical

Shared by Mythillogical in the Polymer clay

Product Description:

Mummy’s Boy Free Standing Model - This little wrapped up relic began as a brooch, then a friend decided they would like one as an ornament. He turned out rather nicely so I decided to offer him for sale here as a Halloween Art Doll.

The free standing version of Mummy’s Boy is made in a very similar way to the brooch version- just larger- he measures approximately 70 mm in height. First I sculpt the figure by hand in Fimo. Once he’s baked and hardened in the oven I add a little Fimo gloss varnish to his eyes to bring out their shine and character. I smother the little fella in tacky glue and painstakingly wrap him up, layer by layer in his tissue paper bandages. Once dry I add coat of gouache to give him the look of a proper little adorable antiquity and to define his features and pick out the edges of the bandages. Last he’s treated with two coats of a matte varnish, to protect and make him that little bit easier to look after.


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