Handbuilt Ceramic Soapdish Rustic Elegance by ChiGallery on Etsy

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Product Description:

This hand built ceramic soap dish adds a beautiful, personal touch to any kitchen or powder room.

The bottom of the dish has a built-in cavity that helps water fall way from the soap. This allows you to pick up a nice fresh feeling bar of soap instead of a slippery, goopy mess!

The dish is kiln-fired and glazed with a high-fire glaze. Once glazed, the piece is fired a second time in a reduction gas kiln creating all the movement in the elegant brown, black, rust and gold colored glaze.

The piece is 5 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 tall.

This dish works for your kitchen dish scrubbers as well.

Each piece is signed by the artist, so you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind work of art.


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