Handspun art yarn, wool, curls, kid mohai

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Product Description:

Handspun art yarn, soft,various yarns, red, yellow by SpinningStreak Are you ready for an art yarn? But one you can actually USE? Not something over twisted, lumpy, liable to come apart....or too wildly coloured? A new range of handspun yarn. For this one I prepared an art yarn batt on my drum carder (see last picture) The batt included various wools, silk threads, Wensleydale locks and a touch of Angelina sparkle. I then spun two energised singles and plied them together, adding a third merino mix yarn that I had hand dyed in an orangey red. The wool is spun thick and thin with some slubs - please see last picture against the tape measure for an accurate idea of the gauge. The skein is chunky, in various shades of red and pink with touches of lilac and creamy yellow in the slubs - funky and unique enough to be called an 'art yarn', but totally usable.


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