Hunting Knife Handmade Blade Sycamore by PickslaysWoodworking

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Product Description:

Hunting Knife - Handmade Blade, Sycamore Burl Wooden Handle, and Hand-Sewn Leather Sheath
This knife combines 3 of my most favorite materials: steel, wood, and leather.

The steel is a general knife-making kind for strong and sturdy blades. Keeping a sharp edge for a long periods of time. Cut and sanded down from a flat stock bar. Blade design was created by your's truly (me). Don't let this knife deceive you with its looks, it is razor sharp! So be careful with it.

As for the handle, it is made out of Sycamore Burl. A burl that I cut and milled myself for this very purpose. It has great character because it has wild, dense grain patterns that allow for so much detail and has the perfect density to be a sturdy knife handle. (Burl - a knot on the side of a tree containing beautiful dense, grain figuration). It is made to stand on both tips as shown in the picture to lift the knife off the ground, making it easy to display.


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