Lemongrass Lotion Bar Organic Sweet Almond And by annsherbals

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Product Description:

Great for split cuticles, dry hands & elbows dry scaly skin, cracked dry finger tips.
This solid lotion bar has organic sweet almond and sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter and shea butter to lock in moisture and still allow your skin to breathe
Lemongrass has a fresh lemony scent. Handy purse size (.35 oz) no mess solid bar.

Rich in vitamins A B C D & E, linoleic & oleic acids giving it great emollient qualities to soften & soothe your skin. The oils and butters are also high in antioxidants to reduce free radical damage. Free radicals destroy skin cells, as the skin damage continues the cells begin to age, causing wrinkles & dryness. Antioxidants help protect your skin from this damage.


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