Lilac Easter Bunny Rabbit Pastel Purple Bowl von LLTownleyCeramic

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Product Description:

Lilac Easter Bunny Rabbit - Pastel Purple Bowl with Ascii Computer Punctuation Bunny

5.25" Diameter 1.5" Tall

Ascii Punctuation Bunny Rabbit, for the cyber geek or techie in your life!

This little bunny is made up entirely of punctuation marks: quotes, parentheses, dashes, etc. It's sort of like the next generation of "emoticons". I had a lot of fun playing with the different fonts, giving this bunny some strange features, but in the end I chose a simple and clean design.

This bowl is hand-thrown and painted a pastel purple, with a custom decal on the inside.
The decal is fused to the bowl and is permanent.
I recommend that you wash this piece by hand.
Signed on the base.


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