Magenta Impression Jasper Collar Pendant with by lunedesigns

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Product Description:

I paired this eye-popping fan-shape pendant of magenta impression jasper with one of my hand-crafted half-dome copper bails, and fastened it with one of my little textured bowls of copper and a heavy duty ball headpin made in my torch. I then fashioned a yoke from heavy gauge copper, and wrapped it with more copper. I completed the necklace with two more sections of curved, wrapped copper, attached to the yoke with textured copper washers (I used some South African coins for the texture). To tie in the berry and rose colors from the pendant I wound little button pearls in fuchsia onto the washers. Every metal element in this necklace (except for the copper tack I used as a rivet, and the two copper washers I textured) was handmade by me from raw copper metal or sheet.


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