Metal Sculpture Pewter Owl Framed Wall Hanging by Loutul on Etsy

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Product Description:

Metal Sculpture of A 3d pewter embossed Barn Owl on a dark green mount board in a plain black frame to accentuate the antique-silver look of the pewter.

Ideal gift for a man for his office or his study at home.

The high relief areas are filled from the back to prevent them from denting

The pewter is patina'd and polished to produce a rich lustre. I have deliberately aged the owl more than I would normally do in order to give in a vintage look.

Pewter retains its lustre for many years and does not require any special cleaning techniques. If necessary, it can be cleaned with a normal household metal polish which is applied and buffed with cotton wool.

Dimensions 27.5cm (11") x 22.5cm (9")

The embossing is done by hand using only hand tools. The back of the embossed design is filled to prevent denting. It is then aged using a patina and finally polished to the silver-looking antique finish


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