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Product Description:

Mixed clay round earthenware bowl

Handmade, hand thrown on a potters wheel.

A bowl made with mixed clay (red sanded, white and raku).

This vessel was one of the most difficult pieces i have ever made and i dont think i will attempt to do it again, not because of the shape but of the mixes of clay i used and especially the raku clay as it is very coarse and as the wheel span fast and i was working with bare hands the sandy particles were scratching my palms and it was quite painful. So this is definitely a one-off piece!

On the outside a copper metal oxide has been applied and inside a cracking glaze and blue glass droplets.

Finally it has been stained inside in order to give the aged look.

Dimensions: 13cm in diameter and 7.5cm high approximately

This bowl is earthenwear and is porous so it won't hold water.


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