Natural resin rani bangle bracelet jewelry with by TopazTurtle

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Product Description:

This narrow rani resin bangle bracelet jewelry piece has real gum tree resin floating in a medium of apple green resin. The tree gum is a deep clear blood red color that shades to a more vibrant crimson. The strands of tree gum vary in thickness from hair like filaments to thicker streaks. There are tiny bubbles in the green resin and parts of the bangle where the red tree resin can be found on the surface of the bangle. The piece has been sanded to a satin like finish.

The tree resin used in this resin bangle bracelet is eco friendly and is collected from tree sap from my backyard.

Each resin bangle bracelet has an inner diameter of 2.5 inches and is approximately 0.8-1cm wide.

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