Navy blue and gray hooded wool scarf will keep you warm all winter!

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Product Description:

This super cozy hooded wool scarf will keep you warm all winter long! I invented it because I hate wearing hats, simple as that, but you do need something to cover your head in the middle of a blizzard. It's an excellent alternative to the dreaded hat because it doesn't squeeze your brain or crush your hair, but it does keep your head sheltered and dry. This hooded scarf is fully reversible (no raw edges) with textured navy blue wool on one side and gray mini herringbone wool on the other. Flip it to blue or gray to match the color of your coat, gloves, or other clothing as you like. The two layers of all natural, premium wool are soft to the touch and provide light to medium weight warmth. I like to wear my hooded scarf while clearing snow off the car because it keeps the blustery winds from going down my neck and giving me a chill. Read more about this item in my Etsy shop!


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