NoniDoodles, Abstract Ink Drawing Originals by Cheryl Ward

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Product Description:

I have a hard time sitting still through just about anything. Because of that, I have begun doodling while I sit in front of the TV at night to keep my hands busy. Thus....the creation of NONIDOODLES! These are original ink drawings that I have created by doodling in the evening. Some are very intricate and have a theme (like this one) others are just combinations of colors and lines. This one is musical themed and as you look through the drawing you will find many musical symbols and items you would relate to music.
I have these for sale in my shop. When you buy one, you get the original. No one else will have one like this (except me...I do make a copy before I sell them, but you get the original.
These doodles can be scanned into your computer to make all kinds of cards, scrapbooking items, etc., Then you can take the original and frame it as a piece of art!
I love to doodle and I have many, many pages to share. I hope you enjoy this one!


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