Oh Deer Fine white bone china vase in stoneware by madebymanos

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Product Description:

Oh Deer - Fine white bone china vase in stoneware with a deer silhouette - illustrated ceramics

Stoneware handmade white fine bone china vessel in cylindrical shape.

It looks great as a small vase or as as its own.

Handmade stoneware fine bone china is been fired 3 times and hand sanded twice, very thin and translucent.

Made with high temperature resistant inks which have been fired to a very high temperature in a kiln to around 1550 to 1600 degrees F. The colours melt and fuse with the bone china which makes them last forever.

The actual image on the vessel is permanent.

Highly resistant to chemicals, paints, wear and tear as well as sunlight. In fact, they will never fade, and the only way to damage the image is to damage the vessel.

The high temperature matures the colours and melts and fuses the colours to the ware for permanence.


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