Ooak copper viking weave caged owl necklace by CraftaHolique

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Product Description:

Ooak pendant necklace...
Beautiful copper viking weave cage with cute little ceramic owl inside, on lovely gold chain with lobster clasp closure
Necklace measures 18 3/4 " or 47.5 cm
pendant measures 3" or 7.5 cm and is Quite rigid and strong so will keep it's shape

The little owl is not quite ' Harry Potter's Hedwig ' which is a snowy owl, but just as intelligent & charming non the less

Owls are traditionally associated with magic and in Harry's world they bridge the magical and the muggle worlds, he will also provide warm companionship

Here in NZ we have a very shy owl called a Morepork we hear him every night in the bush calling his name ' Morepork, Morepork' I have never actually spotted him but know he is around keeping watch like a little guard


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