Pastel Polka Dot Pasta Bowl Turquoise Yellow by LLTownleyCeramic

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Product Description:

Pastel Polka Dot Pasta Bowl - Turquoise, Yellow and Green Pasta Bowl with Dots and Spots

9" Diameter (at widest point) 1.5" Tall

"Upcycled" Pasta Bowl - I rescued this poor dish from a lifetime of blah-ness. It's a commercial piece, originally plain white, but I've added a custom decal from my collection.

The decal design comes from an old Optometrist's test to check for colorblindness. Can you see the wavy line of orange and yellow dots running through the blue and green spots? If not, then you are colorblind!

This shallow bowl is the perfect size for a single serving of pasta, or as an accent piece in the home. Shape is squarish/roundish, with a circular base.


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