Pillar Candle Pewter Embossed Leafy Motif Sleeve by Loutul

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Product Description:

A Burgundy Pillar Candle with a Pewter Sleeve in a leafy motif. The candle sleeve fits round a 70cm (2 3/4") candle and is held on by 4 Flower brads and can be reused on different candles

This good quality non-drip candle is manufactured in Germany and burns for approximately 45 hours.

For international customers I can provide the candle sleeve separately which will save considerably on shipping costs. I can also make the sleeve in different sizes to accommodate different candles.

Pewter retains its lustre for many years and does not require any special cleaning techniques. If necessary, it can be cleaned with a normal household metal polish which is applied and buffed with cotton wool.

The embossing is done by hand using only hand tools. The back of the embossed design is filled to prevent denting. It is then aged using a patina and finally polished to the silver-looking antique finish


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