Pom pom beanie Knit earflap hat hand knit by FruitofPhalanges

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Product Description:

If you like off-the-wall accessories, this pom pom beanie is for you. Psst! *whispering* this is actually a time travelling device disguised as a winter hat... don't tell anyone! ...Ahem... It is knit with a white wool/acrylic blend and grey wool. Knitted into the hat are multi colored wooden beads of various sizes (flashing lights... or floating gumballs) ... I also added some felt shapes (control panels) for embellishment on both flaps and in the center of the back.
WARNING: This hat WILL attract attention. Also, don't be surprised if after putting it on, you find yourself somewhere in the past or future. Wear with caution.
Tip: The panel on the right flap will take you into the future, while the left will zap you back into the past.

*This "hat" will fit most adult sizes.


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