Set of 2 English fine bone china nesting stoneware by madebymanos

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Product Description:

Set of 2 English fine bone china nesting stoneware bowls with real gold.

Handmade hemisphere bowls.

Stoneware fine bone china , translucent with real gold luster.

Big: 5.5cm in diameter and 2.5cm high

Small: 4cm in diameter and 2cm high

As each item is handmade each finish is slightly different in texture and shape.

*Because of the nature of my work and the material i use it is unlikely that further copies of this item will be produced in the future.*

Bone China is porcelaneous body that contains calcium carbonate. This gives the ware strength and whitens it. One difference between porcelain and bone china is the whiteness of bone china.True bone china is almost snow-white. Another is the translucence of bone china: holding it to a light with your hand behind the china should reveal the shadow of your hand. Porcelain will not do so.


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