St Patricks Irish Girl One of a Kind Art Doll by Mythillogical

Shared by Mythillogical in the Polymer clay

Product Description:

I wanted to make a beautiful, red haired Irish girl figure, dressed in green and gold in honour of St Patricks Day. I usually like to work with a story in mind, but I could not find anything that fit, still I decided to make her all the same. I asked my four year old daughter what the doll should be called and she replied ‘Flower’. I decided to look up the Gaelic translation of flower, and I came across the name ‘Bláthnat’ (pronounced ‘Blawnit’) which means little flower, and is also the name of the daughter of the fairy king Midir. Bláthnat was abducted by warriors of the Red Branch of Ulster, and falls in love with the warrior Cú Chulainn, but Cú Roí marries her, causing a dispute between the two warriors. Bláthnat betrays Cú Roí by pouring milk into the River Finglas as a sign to Cú Chulainn that he is at home. Cú Chulainn kills Cú Roí, but later Bláthnat is killed by Ferchertne to avenge Cú Roí’s death, by seizing her in hisarms and throwing both himself and her off a cliff.


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