The LAdy of Shalott necklace

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Product Description:

I love the work of JW Waterhouse and the medieval inspired paintings he produced. This one of a kind necklace is made with metal which I have shaped into a 1x1" box and soldered. I have placed an image of the iconic image inside the box and given it a high shine coating. On the inner sides of the box I have added information on watercolour paper, the title of the painting, the painter and the date it was completed. I have then added glass over the top and soldered it into place. I've added a black patina to the outer metal. For added embellishment I have soldered sections of a recycled necklace with ab stones to the bottom off the shadow box. A simple black knotted cord approx. 80cm, has been attached to the top of the box which you can adjust.


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