Velvet Ocean 100 Cotton Purple and Turquoise Blue by PlanetPompom

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Product Description:

'Velvet Ocean' Purple and Turquoise Blue Hand Knitted Scarf.

So.. why should you buy this scarf? Well, this is a great scarf for keeping you cozy. It is warm and soft, suitable for wearing during autumn and winter. It is double knitted and double yarned, making it much thicker than a normal cotton item. We use only 100% pure cotton, making it perfect for those of you who prefer not to wear garments containing wool or dislike unnatural synthetic fibers. This scarf is bright, colorful and fun for both children and adults. Because it is made with cotton it is lovely and soft to the touch and against the skin. Funky purple and turquoise color design makes it a brilliant scarf to stand out and brighten up your day. The inspiration for this scarf is a combination of velvet and the ocean. The purple represents the velvet, which is soft and vibrant, the turquoise represents the ocean which is fresh and natural. Plus they make a great color combo.


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