Vintage Japanese Branding Iron - Metal Stamp - Kanji Stamp

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Product Description:

This is a vintage branding iron called a yakiin. These were/are used on wood, you want to brand. Please see the last picture to see an example of how it can be used. I think they would look fabulous if used in pottery as a stamp. Also...I think they could be used with ink but as it is metal, the image wouldnt be as smooth and clear as a rubber stamp -please keep that in mind if that is how you want to use it. This is a katakana character タ ta = 多 Kanji character much, many / more than, over. They are from the 昭和 showa period . The showa period is from 1926-1989 but these are at least 30 years old. There is a wood handle. This is made of iron.


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