Yellow Forsythia and Daisy Equine Necklace - Rhythm Beads Horse Necklace - Equine Costume

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Product Description:

This necklace / rhythm beads for horses is covered in polyester flowers. It is designed in white and yellow. Flowers are white and yellow daisies and a yellow forsythia. There are also two acorn shaped bells.

The necklace is 60 inches long, but can be shortened using the D ring closure to 52 inches. This means it will fit most horses. The acorn-shaped bells make a high musical jingle as the horse moves. The sound helps the horse stay in gait, and also warns game and hunters of your presence. One side of the closure is attached with two small stitches. This is for safety reasons, which should provide a weakened area to give way in case the horse steps on or through the necklace. All equine necklaces have a hair clip for securing the necklace to the base of the mane to prevent it from sliding down your equine buddy's neck.


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