Chinook Grapefruit Orange Handmade Vegan by ProSoapPropaganda

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Product Description:

Chinook salmon, also known by their more popular name of king salmon, are a very important species to the Pacific Northwest, up through Alaska, and down to California. Many species, both human and animal, rely on the king salmon. They are fairly healthy in Alaska, but are more endangered in the Columbia River area.

Chinook has a grapefruit orange scent that is yummy enough to eat! This is one of my favorite scent combinations, so hope you enjoy it! I put dried orange peel on the top for one last little bit of orange-tasticness. I try to use organic ingredients whenever possible for my soap, because I want all of the ingredients to be nourishing for your skin and the earth. The only real chemical in the soap is sodium hydroxide, which is necessary because soap is not soap without it!


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