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  • Biwa pearl & sterling silver necklace

    I have made this necklace from freshwater cultured pearls with 3mm Sterling Silver round beads between each pearl . It is ...
  • Labradorite & Moonstone necklace

    This necklace is crafted from stunning Labradorite , Rainbow moonstone and Sterling Silver beads Its finished off with a Sterling silver ...
  • Little bottle of Peridot

    This cute little bottle is full of Peridot chips and Swarovski crystals for a little extra sparkle , Hung on an 18" ...
  • Rainbow Moonstone & Sterling Silver necklace

    This Necklace is made from Stunning Rainbow Moonstone wheels and Sterling silver round beads Finished off with a Sterling silver ...
  • Fluorite in a bottle

    This little bottle measure's 1" and is full of Natural Fluorite chips it comes on an 18" silver plated chain . The chain ...
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  • Orange Agate and Smoky Quartz necklace

    Hand made necklace using Smoky Quartz rounds and Orange Agate nuggets finished off with a silver plated lobster clasp . Nice ...