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  • Blue Green Stud Earrings

    Blue and green hand painted stud earrings, with striking patterning and a generous sprinkling of glitter. A beautiful crystal clear ...
  • Blue Wave Necklace

    Deep blue and silver pendant necklace with a dramatic wave pattern. A handpainted blend of blues and silver in a ...
  • Pendant necklace, Green Heart

    Shimmering greens are blended with black in this heart shaped pendant. I call this blend green dream, but the design ...
  • Earrings, Ocean Blue

    Aqua is blended with blue, green and silver in these earrings, with a generous sprinkling of glitter and a crystal ...
  • Heart Necklace, Floral

    Heart shaped pendant with a delicate floral pattern in pinks and cream.

    This is created by carefully layering ...
  • Delicate Pink Heart Pendant

    This heart shaped pendant has a striking swirling pattern. Delicate pinks are blended with deeper shades, hints of white, and ...
  • Romantic Pink Pendant

    Heart shaped Pendant Necklace with a romantic blend of several shades of pink, and a splash of silver. This is ...
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