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  • Folksy :: Buy "Cherry Bowl"

    This piece came out of a decent sized log that happened to come my way via a bit of land ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Textured Oak"

    A nice piece of English oak was used for this bowl. Textured on the outside by wire brushing, the inside ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Mosaic vase"

    Made from a piece of poplar, which was rescued from a new housing clearance site! Although not totally round in ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Universe"

    I decided to make these after attending a few craft fairs and quite a few people asked if i made ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Tribal Chalice"

    Inspired by the ancients, this chalice has had images burned into it with no repeats making it a truly one ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Shaded Ash"

    Beautiful ash t-light holders with a slight green/yellow shading to them just to be different!
  • Folksy :: Buy "Heart of Oak"

    For the ancients the Oak was a symbol of strength and courage and of course we all find these two ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Oak T-light"

    Made from reclaimed oak, this beautiful small candle holder will be a great addition to yor home!