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    "The thistle legend
    But why is it that such a proud people as the Scots should choose a humble ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Contemporary Christmas"

    This piece was created for those of you who prefer a more contemporary colour scheme at Christmas time. This combination ...
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    These cute little Poinsettias are available in the classic Christmas colours of Red or Green. Each petal is outlined in ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Christmas Candle Centrepiece "

    A Christmas centerpiece with a candle will light up any room during the festive season. It's a one-off so don't ...
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    This colourful little blossom was inspired by Christmas and walking down Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton when I was younger. ...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Poinsettias and Pine cone."

    Christmas is such a wonderfully decorative time of year full of lush greens and rich reds. This gorgeous centre piece ...
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    "She smiles at him
    and asks him his name
    and then looks up
    she knows his game <...
  • Folksy :: Buy "Golden Christmas Holly"

    This decorative french beaded Christmas holly will look fabulous hanging on a tree or as a decoration on any surface ...