Daily Rosehip Youth Serum

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Product Description:

Daily Rosehip Youth Serum is a beautiful, essential component in any skin care routine.

Easily absorbed, this serum is rich in natural vitamins E and A and super rich in essential fatty acids which makes it particularly effective on dry, damaged, lacklustre skin and mature skin which needs a daily vitamin boost. Rosehip Oil has exceptional regenerating properties which leave the skin fimer, smoother and more youthful.

The Organic Rosehip base of this Youth Serum is enriched with delicate, fragrant Organic Neroli Pure Essential Oil also known for its rejuvenating and regenerating properties and Organic Chamomile Pure Essential Oil which soothes and calms the skin.

Apply to cleansed skin every morning. It can be used on its own or underneath make-up.

This Daily Rosehip Youth serum will be made especially for you.


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