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This collage is based around an image I made back in my college days, as an angst-ridden-post-feminist-teen-twenty-something (or something!).

I bound a doll in a nylon stocking and wire and photographed it, and juxtaposed it with the telephone number from a London call-girl's card.

I like the eerie, spectral appearance I was left with when the image was photocopied, and stumbling upon it once again I had to use it in a collage somehow.

I'm fascinated with archaic ideas of the hysteric woman. I think most of us would have been given electric shock therapy if we'd lived back then!

The collage is embelished with salvaged bits and pieces in muted shades -buttons, a buckle -in-keeping with the bondage theme, a butterfly to contrast with our captive heroine, a studded bow from an old pair of shoes, diamante and pearls, a heart charm (because we women are such vessels of emotion!?!), a padlock and a lucky dice.


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