Leaping Hare Silver Pewter Box - Folksy

Shared by Owl and Cat in the Metal Crafts

Product Description:

This little rustic wooden box has been transformed with a lid of hand-tooled pewter and features a lovely blue agate cabochon. It is 26mm high and 36mm across. Perfect for tiny treasures. A great gift for a 10th Wedding Anniversary, Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or Birthday.

Each pewter piece has been individually made by hand (not cast) to my own design. A pattern is raised on a sheet of pewter, then the raised area is filled. The item is then mounted on a rigid base,chemically patinated, then polished.Modern pewter is lead-free and after patination has a shiny,almost reflective,finish.It does not blacken like silver and can be brightened, if necessary,with a smear of metal polish and a buffing with a soft cloth.

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