'Luxurious Lambs Wool Neck Cosy' with a fluffy multi-toned edging trim.

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Product Description:

'Luxurious Lambs Wool neck Cosy' with a fluffy multi-toned edging trim. A beautifully soft and warm hand crocheted short Scarf or Neck cosy for that touch of warmth on a cold day, or that element of decadent luxury that is a must for every woman!

This neck cosy, or scarf if you prefer, is hand crocheted on a large hook, to give a loose, soft stitch, totally hand crocheted by myself, the soft apple green yarns is 100% lambs wool. The super soft and fluffy edging trim is 100% Polyester yarn.

Due to the main body of the scarf being lambs wool, I would suggest hand washing with care in cool water and drying flat to ensure it keeps its shape.

The scarf is crocheted in continuous rows and measures approx 116cms in length with a width of approx 24cms when the yarn is relaxed.


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