Stoneware fine bone china walnut shell boat in by madebymanos

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Product Description:

Stoneware fine bone china walnut shell in resin and real gold

Handmade and very delicate in stoneware.

A limited edition of small walnut shells have been created with fine bone china and resin added together with a wooden stick to create these little boats. The spirals on the sails are hand painted and each one is different in pattern and size.

A small walnut shell boat has been created with fine bone china in a pool of clear resin and in a round shallow bowl with a real gold rim.

The walnut shell is so thin and delicate like a small boat and the resin like a calm sea contained in a round bowl with the real gold rim in order to emphasise how precious and delicate some things are in our life.

These little boats were made by recalling a childhood memory of making little boats with walnuts and putting them in the water when i was a child.

7cm in diameter and 20cm high approximately


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