Why using Craftjuice helps promote your etsy/folksy shop for free


If your already a member you probably already know craftjuice.com can get your crafts in front of lots of eyes from around the world for free?

If your new or want to know more please read on, already a member then skip to the stats part below (what happens when you become published)

So what is craftjuice? 

  • craftjuice started in 2007
  • craftjuice is a gallery of handmade crafts, simple as that
  • members are all manually approved, we check out the work to see if you are a real crafter
  • once you are a member you can submit your work to the community
  • the community vote up the crafts their like
  • more than 5 votes and you become published


What happens when your craft item becomes published?

Here come the stats, we share all published crafts voted by our members across twitter and facebook (pinterest coming soon)


Twitter, over 20k followers on twitter, what does that really mean for your crafts items on twitter?

If you get one retweet your tweet on craftjuice some 350 people will see the tweet within 30days.

If you get one to three retweets your item will be viewed by over 500… The more retweets the higher it goes!!!


What about pinterest?

Here you can see the top pin from craftjuice in the last 30days:



Facebook will reach well over 100 people without likes:



Add some likes, even just one and that number shots up:



Sadly I don’t have impression counts on your images for the items on the site but have done some maths and within 30days your items if published would be show to 7,000 people.


Summary (stats): 

Being very conservative a published items will be seen by over 8,000 people!

Site, facebook, pin,twitter:

7000 + 200 + 400 + 400


If your not a member then why not register for a invite http://www.craftjuice.com/register.php and start promoting your etsy or folksy store today!







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