June 28, 2017
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Summer Craft Trends

So far this summer we are seeing necklaces being a massive trend from you crafty folk!

A great example is this necklace / pendant:




Tote Bags will never go out of fashion (well in the next 100’s years i’m sure) … This one is a great example with the classic Elephant design. Who doesn’t love a elephant. :

Patterns are always on trend… This summer is no exception with this great example of a stunning owl pattern… And… The first time I think I’ve seen over solves on craftjuice:

September 27, 2016
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Handmade Christmas Crafts 2016/17

Time to get making your Crafts for Christmas, yes with less that 2 months to go here at craftjuice we are already seeing Handmade Christmas Crafts  been uploaded.

A quick check on google trends shows us we are about to hit 10% of the peak for the search term “Christmas Crafts” and don’t for get all those variants!!

Here are just a few items classed as “Handmade Christmas Crafts” submitted in the last week or two:


Some stunning Christmas Earrings, Frilly Trees Red 14ct Gold Fill Earwires

Handmade Christmas Crafts - Earrings

Handmade Christmas Crafts – Earrings



These stunning Handmade  Gift tags

handmade craft gift tags

handmade craft gift tags




Handmade Crafts Christmas

Handmade Crafts Christmas Heats



And so many more..


It really is a great time to get your handmade Christmas crafts online as so many blogs and newspapers,magazine a looking to fill Christmas buying guides and your always see the handmade ones in major national papers!



August 18, 2016
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Why using Craftjuice helps promote your etsy/folksy shop for free

If your already a member you probably already know craftjuice.com can get your crafts in front of lots of eyes from around the world for free?

If your new or want to know more please read on, already a member then skip to the stats part below (what happens when you become published)

So what is craftjuice? 

  • craftjuice started in 2007
  • craftjuice is a gallery of handmade crafts, simple as that
  • members are all manually approved, we check out the work to see if you are a real crafter
  • once you are a member you can submit your work to the community
  • the community vote up the crafts their like
  • more than 5 votes and you become published


What happens when your craft item becomes published?

Here come the stats, we share all published crafts voted by our members across twitter and facebook (pinterest coming soon)


Twitter, over 20k followers on twitter, what does that really mean for your crafts items on twitter?

If you get one retweet your tweet on craftjuice some 350 people will see the tweet within 30days.

If you get one to three retweets your item will be viewed by over 500… The more retweets the higher it goes!!!


What about pinterest?

Here you can see the top pin from craftjuice in the last 30days:



Facebook will reach well over 100 people without likes:



Add some likes, even just one and that number shots up:



Sadly I don’t have impression counts on your images for the items on the site but have done some maths and within 30days your items if published would be show to 7,000 people.


Summary (stats): 

Being very conservative a published items will be seen by over 8,000 people!

Site, facebook, pin,twitter:

7000 + 200 + 400 + 400


If your not a member then why not register for a invite http://www.craftjuice.com/register.php and start promoting your etsy or folksy store today!







February 4, 2016
by admin

Craftjuice gets over 1million views on Pinterest per month

Craftjuice started well before pinterest with the same idea.. To share the best from around the web with only one difference (other than the millions of $ the startup got) craftjuice only allows crafts and is has been invite only for many years.

Craftjuice is a gallery of crafts and never a selling platform but a way to see many crafts from around the world with a link to the makers sites/shop on whatever platform!

I thought I share our screen shot from pinterest stats with the amount of exposure your items get on craftjuice!



Pinterest of course isn’t the only outlet, our twitter account now has alomst 20,000 followers and facebook currently has over 6,000 likes 🙂

Hope 2016 brings you great crafting success!

June 4, 2013
by admin
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Week 23 craftjuice Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again so here my craftjuice Tuesday picks:

Stunning Purse from a Crochet Pattern!


I love this handmade necklace with cute birds by Megusattic.



I’m a big Harris Tweed far so love this handmade Ipad cover!







May 21, 2013
by admin

How do I join Craftjuice?


Craftjuice is easy to join but you must first request an invite.


How to Join craftjuice?

If you click on the following link http://www.craftjuice.com/register.php
and fill in the simple details which are:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Shop or blog web address
  • How you heard about craftjuice
  • Some links information about you?

Add our email account to you’re email address book to make sure you get emails from us. info[at]craftjuice.com

Each day I manually review each and every invite request to make sure only crafters can have full access to submit to the site.


Why invite only?

It was about 2 years ago when I switch off the automatic registration due to spammers signing up and submitting non craft related content.. At first the content was the same sort of spam you get in you’re inbox, fake bags and sunglasses but when the spam started including “rude” images and the moderation queue was in the 100’s per day I set up the invite process.


How long does it take to get an invite?

Normally  less than 24 hrs but can be longer over the weekend.

Follow us on twitter and send us a tweet to help speed things up http://twitter.com/craftjuice

The same goes for our facebook account www.facebook.com/craftjuice

Again make sure you have our email address in you”re email contact list info[at]craftjuice.com


I’ve requested an invite but haven’t received anything?

If it’s been longer than 72hrs then consider requesting a new invite via the following link http://www.craftjuice.com/register.php

Make sure you include a link of you’re work and a brief description about you’re crafts.







May 3, 2013
by admin

Rooster Ornament Kitchen Decor by cookiedoughcreations – Pick of the day

Today this Rooster caught my eye!

The Designer Cookiedoughcreations describes it as “Rooster Salt Dough Ornament Kitchen Decor”

I would look great in any traditional kitchen or of course to give a bit of tradition to a modern kitchen.

Made of salt dough, Ornament is 5″ tall and 4 1/2″ wide.


Other work by the designer include this Teacher pet apple:


…. a mother day present for a grandmother:



Check out more designs by cookiedoughcreations here


May 2, 2013
by admin

Honey Yellow Bird iPad Cover from gothicreations – Pick of the day

Today this lovely Ipad cover caught my eye By designer gothicreations.

Described a “It’s a cheery cotton print of a bird and flowers” it make me feel summery (it really helps it sunny outside right now)



Another handmade Ipad cover is this very cool skull versoin:


Check out more work submitted to craftjuice on gothicreations profile here


May 1, 2013
by admin

Handmade dog shaped card by pollypurplehorse – Pick of the day

This is a super cute handmade card dog shaped card for all us dog lovers.

Described by the designer as “handmade Retro Doggy Shaped Card Blank Cards”.

The designer pollypurplehorse offers the card is various colours to suit you. The handmade card in a hound shaped is made of card, paper and has a felt ear,eye and nose.


Other cards by pollypurplehorse include this Mummy Elephant with her baby elephant alongside her:

Check out other card by pollypurplehorse on their profile here

April 25, 2013
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Craftjuice hits 5,000 likes on it’s facebook page

A massive thank you to all who have liked our facebook page which has just reached the 5,000 mark.

How does this help the world of handmade and you the crafters or you the craft shopper?

Currently each week over 11,000 people on facebook see the crafts submitted to craftjuice, yes 11,000..

With 5,000 likes if all the people who liked our page liked a status update it was shown to their friends it would be seen by 1,7 million people!


If you have read the craftjuice story over here you’ll know craftjuice was set up to expose the amazing handmade works so hitting this high on facebook is great for the handmade world!


Feel free to like us if you haven’t!!


I’ll post up some amazing data from twitter and pinterest very soon!

Once again a massive Thank You!