April 22, 2013
by admin

Pick of the day – Coffee Scented Candle from Curious Carrie

So you love the smell of coffee ( I sure do ) well this is the candle for you!

Labelled the “Coffee House scented Soy Candle Tin — 8 ounce Tin”  it has the scents and notes off brewing coffee, yummy..


Other candles include this lovely Bubble Gum scented candle:



For more of Curious Carrie creations check out the profile page here


April 19, 2013
by admin

Pick of the day – Chicken pincushion or paperweight named Decka

I have two of these lovely chickens in my house so today was a easy pick of the day when I saw a new addition from designer/crafter Swirlyarts.

Each of her chickens come with a name, made of retro and funky fabrics with a ultra modern touch.

I have a door stop and a pincushion which I love but here is the last pincushion named Decka the chicken:

See Decka the chicken

Check out all the amazing handmade chicken that need a home over on Swirlyarts profile.



April 18, 2013
by admin

Pick of the Day – Hand Knit Yoga Socks

Today these Yoga Sock really stood out to me..

Mostly because I didn’t know you could get “Yoga Socks”. I’ve never heard of them until now!

I really makes sense.. I’ve not really tried Yoga bar a few positions with friends who say “this Yoga position will help your back”.. but I can see how these Knitted socks work. Well some Yoga halls are very cold and sure these socks will keep you nice a toasty along with the grip from the heal and toes need to do many Yoga positions.

Check out user Megk8199’s craftjuice profile here for a selection of socks





April 17, 2013
by admin

Pick of the day Louise Mead

This is my first pick of the day and will try and blog designers and crafts design that really stand out to me on the day that the design is submitted to craftjuice.com

So to start off here is a painter Louise Mead (craftjuice profile here)

She produces some stunning Acrylic painting.

The one below is the latest submission to craftjuice and is a Abstract image called “Come Inside”

Check out the craftjuice page here

Other work by Louise include some amazing paintings of Trees:

To see more from Louise see her craftjuice profile here


April 16, 2013
by admin

Craftjuice Tuesday – Week 16 of 2013

Craftjuice Tuesday is a great fun way to give exposure to the crafts you love.

To take part is simple and info can be found here http://www.craftjuice.com/page.php?page=tuesday

Basically once a week on Tuesday you pick some of your favourite things you have seen on Craftjuice and write a blog post about them.. Why? I really helps our crafter peers!!!

Anyway to the point.. As this is the craftjuice blog I’ll be picking  the most votes items over the last week.. All voted by our craftjuice members!

Stunning handmade book cover with apples

A fab handmade Wall Mirror with a Blue Mosaic surround

Super Cute Cat and carnelian sterling silver earrings

These are really fun – Glasses Case For Two Pairs of Glasses

I love the funky Kindle Touch Case Kindle Paperwhite Case


What a great selection this week… Looking forward to next weeks.. Why not take part too 🙂


April 15, 2013
by admin

What is the craftjuice story?

My dad the potter

So meet my dad (see picture) who makes pots for a living..

I make websites for a living and way back in the 90’s I had the task to launch a site for my parents (as you do).

So once the site was online it was time for me to look a ways in getting the site in front of people (marketing) which to start with was hard.

Back in the 1990’s not many sites about crafts existed which of course was a problem so I had thought to start sites I needed..

… hence the birth of ukcraftwebsites and craftsforum



The problem with the forum was we had to stop people just advertising as it looked spammy and really didn’t help others with being a crafter.

So the question came about of how can we show off all the wonderful work of our members?

Craftjuice was born…

If you don’t know what craftjuice is it’s a social network for crafters to show off designs ideas tutorials blogs.. basically anything crafty.. I get loads of emails from happy users and buyers who found items to buy browsing craftjuice and supporting the world of handmade!!